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I’m going to be a dad! This little one is due April 2014.

I’m going to be a dad! This little one is due April 2014.

So, this happened the other day…

So, this happened the other day…

Discussing Wedding Plans

  • The Fiancee: Add it into the ideas folder
  • Me: We have an ideas folder?!

Unfortunately, the girlfriend and I are no longer together.

The fiancee and I, however, are just getting started…


No one liked Howie.

I had a genuine LOL at this line, from Thought Catalog’s entry on the rivalry between Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC as part of their list of 10 things 90s kids will have to explain to their own children.

Link originally via myownmelt.

Of course, these were very much party tips for 2008, and while one wouldn’t suggest they have become déclassé since – it should be perfectly obvious that they were always déclassé – there may well be other vogues these days. There will doubtless be new “stemware fashions”, “mixer trends”, and all manner of emetic phrases I’d find it almost impossible to type were I not currently drinking a large bleach daiquiri garnished with some caramelised prescription uppers.

Marina Hyde, taking as her jumping off point Pippa Middleton’s reported £400,000 advance for writing a book about party planning. She points to an earlier article that Middleton wrote a few years ago, and how utterly, utterly vapid it was. My particular favourite quote:

A hibiscus margarita looks just elegant garnished with a caramelised slice of lime.


Get into the festive spirit with party outfit lingerie solutions!

Don’t mind if I do!

Honestly, you buy underwear for the girlfriend a few times, and soon your inbox is full of subjects like the above. Not that I’m complaining, although I’ll have to wait until I get home from work before actually opening the email…

Oh, and why is everything nowadays a “solution”?

Newsnight is a BBC TV news programme about the news nobody really cares about., in a user-submitted description of why a certain keyword is trending on Twitter in the UK. Sigh.

Well, if my sister wasn’t going to move to South Korea in pursuit of some bird, the last half hour we spent on the phone has probably made up her mind. As an older brother (and one who has spent a year living abroad) I gave her my counsel, but minds are made up, it seems.

It is really, REALLY fucking difficult to act as the intermediary/translator between your parents and your sibling. I did my damnedest, but it seems both sides are at loggerheads

Christmas this year is going to be fucking depressing. My sister will be in South Africa, and the girlfriend and I are only going to be at my parents’ house for 48 hours before shifting to her parents’ place on Xmas Day itself. Ructions? No doubt.

2012 is going to be a “great” year, I can feel it.

The subject of weight has come up in the pub after work, and there was general incredulation at my admission that I weigh 14 stone (90kg or 195lb). I’ve weighed the same for at least 12 months, despite hitting the gym incredibly hard in the last 6 months in particular. My body shape has changed massively, although the overall weight hasn’t changed one jot.

But then one of my colleagues said something which made me feel pretty fucking spectacular: “Yeah, but I’ve seen you in the gym and you move some serious weight on your back”.

What can I say? I fucking love doing squats, and I’m half-decent at them. The weight I do is nowhere near spectacular (110kg for 5 reps, for the record), but I really enjoy them, and my upper limits have increased so much in 6 months.

This would be a self-congratulatory post, by the way.


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